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The New Normal

I’m sad. Really, really sad. Desolate, even. After the weight of the relationship was lifted off of my shoulders with the realization I had a couple nights ago, I am left feeling drained, like my heart has been hollowed out and left to dry. I realize I am not as over everything as I thought […]

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So… After writing that short entry last night, and crying what felt like a sea of tears, I really thought about what I wanted, and tried to find a way to finally move on. I’m a tree draped in Spanish moss, but I’m the one clinging on to what is slowly killing me. Despite knowing […]

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Well. Since the last post I wrote about wishing that I hadn’t have woken up after my birthday, not much has changed. I took it a step further a couple weeks ago and actually attempted suicide. I swallowed between 70-100 extra strength Tylenol. I cleared my browser history, my bookmarks, and anything else I didn’t […]

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This past Saturday was my birthday, and with it, I was hoping some new wisdom or strength. Instead, as soon as I got home from an incredible night with my favourite people, I texted Jean, lamenting why he didn’t want me. When he confirmed for the millionth time that I am nothing to him, my […]

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That awkward moment when:

Your best friend chose her boyfriend over you, you realize that even after a year, you will never be loved back, your best guy friend decided you’re too “crazy” to talk to anymore, and you’re so fed up with yourself that you don’t reach out to anyone about feeling the way you do. Stockpiled and […]

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I give up. It’s so hard to go through my day and pretend that I am fine with everything. Okay, so HBan doesn’t want me as a bridesmaid. Why does the end result mean that I have lost an entire group of friends? What happened between HBan and I has no bearing on anyone else, […]

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I don’t know whether I am in love with J or I just want to sleep with him again. At home, when I’m in constant communication with him, I think that I love him. I want nothing more than to be his and have him be mine. But when I lay in my bed here […]

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Interesting thing to hear first thing this morning:

“To have another night with you would most likely complete my soul.” Hmm.

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Since childhood, I have denounced God, organized religion and even spirituality. Although I was raised in a Catholic household, and attended Catholic schools for eighteen years of my life, I knew very early on that I didn’t believe in any of it. I couldn’t fathom the thought of creationism, that we were plunked onto earth […]

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For the past few weeks, I have been riddled with anxiety and stress. A lot of it had to do with my impending trip to India, but I have recently realized, it also had a lot to do with a certain influence in my life. Since January, I have been nursing feelings for Guinness. Feelings […]

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