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March 2011

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Self-worth, to be exact. It’s something that everyone strives for in different capacities, and something that each of us struggles with at some point in our lives. Some struggle more than others. I have struggled with my own since I was a child who spent every day being teased for my weight and looks, and […]

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Well, the countdown is on

I leave for Australia in exactly a week. Literally, at this time next Sunday, I will be going through security at the Calgary airport. How thrilling! I finished up my pool lessons today for my scuba diving certification, which means I am good to go when I get to Australia so I can do my […]

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Song of the night

Creep – Radiohead

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Firsts, seconds, thirds, last (Old poem)

First skateboarding lesson. First kiss. First 20 question grilling. First boyfriend. First time saying yes. First time saying no. First love. First breakup. First heartbreak. First drunk-dial. First “let’s try again.” Second breakup. Second heartbreak. Third time’s a charm. Third hopeful reignition of love. Third bitter, broken heart. First time saying “Never again.”

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I’m the kind of person

Who drops a bottle of barbecue sauce on the floor at Walmart (what other sauce would I have?) and flagged someone down to let them know, standing there shamefaced and sheepish while customers stepped around the mess, then waited for a floor manager to come and apologized profusely, offering to pay. Apparently, that is a […]

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As always,

I work hard. I’m checking Carbis’ eyes and making sure his lasik flaps are healing nicely 😉

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Last night, I received my acceptance letter into University for the journalism program. I am ecstatic!

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Friends and Family

This past weekend was absolutely fantastic, because it was filled with friends that are becoming family. Carbis had refractive surgery on Friday, so he had Holly, HBan and I there for a majority of the time so we could remind him to take his drops and make sure that he was following his post-op rules […]

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Two quick things about me

1) I am not good with small-talk. I hate making it, I hate listening to it, I hate when it’s required. I want my conversations to the point, and to HAVE a point. 2) I’m also bad at keeping my mouth shut when I don’t agree with something or how it’s done. I am cheeky […]

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Lately, my nights have been plagued by nightmares, sometimes to the point where I am waking up nearly hyperventilating. It’s really strange, usually my dreams are incredibly vivid and intense, but they generally aren’t negative or frightening. Obviously there is turmoil somewhere deep in my subconscious, and I’m not completely clear what is bothering me. […]

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